The Practice

Charleston Headache and Neuroscience Center is the leading headache clinic of the metropolitan Charleston area.  Dr. Foster works to provide patients with a friendly and conducive environment as they progress though her headache program.  In fact, the office design has been tailored specifically to migraine patients, many of whom suffer from hypersensitivity to light;  its dark, rich colors and soft light help to promote patient comfort.  Dr. Foster's program is holistic and multifaceted, often requiring strict patient discipline and life-style changes, including diet and exercise. 

Dr. Foster

Dr. Foster with Dr. Neil Raskin, headache specialist at University of California San Francisco

Dr. Foster with Dr. Neil Raskin, headache specialist at University of California San Francisco

Carol A. Foster, M.Dlives in Charleston, West Virginia with her two daughters, Melissa and Jennifer. A West Virginia native, she is a 1985 graduate of Marshall University School of Medicine. A migraine sufferer herself, Dr. Foster chose neurology as a specialty, and in 1989 completed neurology residency at the Barrow Neurological Institute in Arizona. Her time spent at the BNI also included a headache clerkship at the Princess Margaret Migraine Clinic in London. Later that same year, Dr. Foster began her practice in Phoenix, Arizona, establishing the Valley Neurological Headache and Research Center.

By 1990, Dr. Foster had established her practice as a private clinic dedicated to the treatment and research of headache disorders.  She remained in Phoenix until 2009, when she was offered a position at Cabell Huntington Hospital in conjunction with Marshall University School of Medicine. That year, Dr. Foster and her daughters moved to Charleston.  Over the next four years she practiced general neurology alongside her migraine specialty at both Cabell Huntington and the hospitals of Charleston Area Medical Center (CAMC).  In 2013, she returned to private practice, opening the doors of Charleston Headache and Neuroscience Center.  

Dr. Foster is a reviewer for the medical journals Headache and Headache Quarterly and has authored several medical publications on headache. She has served as principal investigator for numerous pharmacological studies and as expert witness in legal cases involving neuropharmacology. She has given a number of lectures and seminars on the topic of headache, and has made several television and radio appearances. 

True to her heritage, she brings a down-to-earth, no-nonsense approach to her patients and everyone she meets. Dr. Foster has cultivated a passion to better inform and teach patients, health care professionals, and the general public that there is more to treating headache than taking a pill.