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Welcome to Charleston Headache and Neuroscience Center!  After years of helping those who suffer from headaches, we understand how difficult trying to live with chronic pain can be, especially in a fast-paced and increasingly digital world.  Unfortunately, many do not realize that chronic headaches are merely symptoms of a much larger, underlying problem, like a cough or bleeding.  Headaches are one of the many symptoms of migraine, a relatively common and (under the right medical instruction) manageable disease. That is, headaches only get better when you treat them at the source. 

Migraine, cluster and other related headache problems are diseases caused by a very complicated combination of chemical and electrical problems in the brain. While researchers have not yet determined the exact explanation behind these neurological problems, we do know that it is not caused by a “bad” marriage, “bad” job, “bad” sinuses, or a “bad” uterus. It is an inherited disease, and indeed equally so. Contrary to popular belief, many men have migraine too, but are never correctly diagnosed because their attacks lack the typical symptoms of the disease. These men are then treated for tension headache or sinus headache, and never gain complete control over their pain. Children's headaches are frequently missed as well, an unfortunate reality that can have devastating effects on scholastic, athletic, or work-related pursuits.

As those with diabetes, asthma, and epilepsy know, it is very difficult to accept and integrate a disease into your life. We at CHNC would like to help. Through this site, Dr. Foster's two books, and the comprehensive treatment program at our headache clinic, we offer information regarding the treatment and prevention of migraine and cluster through appropriate medication, lifestyle changes, and stress management.  Dr. Foster's principle of "Brain Cell Fitness" captures her program: if patients follow medical instruction and make the proper lifestyle changes, including those related to diet and exercise, they can learn to effectively drive the "Ferrari" that is the migraine brain. 

The desire for your headaches to "just go away" is a strong one.  Unfortunately, there is little to no chance of that happening without your affecting changes at both the neuro-chemical and environmental levels. In fact, every headache you have makes it easier for your brain to have the next one. Moreover, many over-the-counter medications taken to stop a headache will actually cause you have more. This phenomenon is known as medication overuse headache, or more commonly as "rebound headache." In addition, many of the foods you eat and how you eat them can make your brain more vulnerable to a migraine attack. Remember, you have to treat the disease, not the symptom — if you had pneumonia, you would not get better taking cough syrup!

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Regarding Phoenix Patient Records

If you were a patient of Dr. Foster's at Valley Neurological Research Center in Phoenix, AZ, you can request your records from Dr. Joseph R. Cohen of Southwest Pain Management Associates at (602) 992-1486.